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Mayday Pest Control


"Whether you're new to the Atlanta area or a native Southerner, with the humid climate, wooded landscape and new building and development, eventually you will have some unwelcome invaders in your home.

For a permanent solution to rodent and animal entry, Mayday Wildlife Services offers a complete home exclusion rather than just a temporary control method. We are Atlanta's experts in squirrel removal, rodent removal along with treatments for moles, voles & many other home invading pests. We also offer an extended renewable warranty on all our work.

Exclusion is the only way to permanently remove nuisance wildlife from your home. At Mayday Wildlife Services, our professionally-trained wildlife technicians will inspect and seal the entire roof-line of your home. The metal is custom-contoured to fit your roof and is securely fastened with steel screws to ensure rodents can no longer enter the home through the construction gap. All vents, gables, and other entry points that require airflow will be sealed with steel mesh that is rodent-proof.

In addition to Animal Capture, Bee Removal, Dead Animal Removal and Live Trapping, we also offer installation of commercial-quality gutter guards either as an add-on service or exclusively."


1010 Huntcliff Trace, Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 30350
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