Cleanrth EZ-Mount Ultrasonic Rodent Control | Dedicated Mice & Rat Repeller

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State Arizona
Country United States

Are you looking for a simple, easy-to-use device that is dedicated to repelling rodents from your house? EASY TO USE DESIGN – The Cleanrth EZ-Mount simply plugs into any 120v outlet and immediately begins repelling rodents. You can simply set the EZ-Mount on the floor, or you can mount it on a wall, or even to the ceiling, in one minute flat. CHEMICAL-FREE – The Cleanrth EZ-Mount is environmentally-friendly as it uses chemical-free ultrasonic sounds to repel the rodents. The ultrasonic sounds falls outside the hearing range of humans, cats, and dogs, so you and your pets won’t notice a thing. It does not harm plants either. DEDICATED TO REPELLING RODENTS OUT – Scientific research has found that ultrasonic sound waves attack the auditory and nervous system of common pests. Every second, the Cleanrth EZ-Mount sweeps through a wide range of ultrasonic sounds dedicated to driving rodents out! The variable sounds ensure that rodents cannot develop an immunity to the sounds. AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE – We care about your repelling success, and we want to use our more-than 20 years experience in the Electronic Pest Repelling Business to resolve your issue! When you buy from us, you are not only getting our guaranteed product, you are getting access to our support system of helpful staff that cares about your results. We promise to give you our help and know-how on how to proceed when a tougher-than-normal rodent issue comes about. WE ARE THE MANUFACTURER – Cleanrth Products is the manufacturer and the only authorized seller of the EZ-Mount. That is why every Cleanrth product is backed by a One-Year Warranty and a One-Year Money Back Guarantee.


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