Critter Control of Ft. Lauderdale

Caption We specialize in humane animal removal from your property.
Phone 954-467-6067
Street Address 2895 W Prospect Rd
City Ft. Lauderdale
ZIP/Postal Code 33309
State Florida
Country United States

Critter Control is the company you should call if you want animals removed from your property in a humane manner. Our experienced wildlife management staff is knowledgeable about all types of animals, and know the proper way to remove pests without disrupting the animal’s natural instincts or behaviors. We want to keep our clients safe and happy, as well as protect the integrity of the little creature. We offer animal removal and prevention services for a wide range of animals: squirrels, raccoons, Opossums, Bats, Snakes, Rats, Hogs, and others.


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