QuadCore Pest Repeller & Air Cleaner

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Cleanrth QuadCore Electronic Pest Repeller | Over Four Dominating Pest Repelling Techniques

Repels using four functions:

(1) Variable Ultrasonic Sounds

(2) Odor Remover known to reduce mosquitoes

(3) Unmatched Electromagnetic Inner Wall Repelling Technique

(4) Negative Ion Producer known to repel pests and kill airborne viruses Coverage = 5,000 Square Feet of Ultrasonic Repelling Power in an unobstructed area.

All functions have an ON/OFF Switch. We’ve had positive Quadcore Electronic Pest Repeller testimonials in repelling: Mice, Rats and many types of insects. Covered by a One-Year Money Back Guarantee & a One-Year Warranty “We Care About Your Results”

Let’s dive right in and explain what the QuadCore Electronic Pest Repeller can do for you by repelling those nasty little pest problems OUT of your life!

1st Switch = Ultrasonic This High Intensity Electronic Pest Repeller switch turns on the Variable Ultrasonic Sounds that emit from the front of the device. We have received positive responses from our customers saying these ultrasonic sounds have helped eliminate or reduce the numbers of several types of rodents, such as mice, and rats. Our customers have also reported that the ultrasonic sounds have been successful repelling many types of insects, including: spiders, crickets, ants, beetles, flies, fleas, scorpions, earwigs, centipedes, cockroaches, water bugs, moths, ticks, silverfish, etc.

2nd Switch = Air Clean Pest Reducer This switch turns on the air ionizer which creates negative ions. Negative ions clean the air by attracting airborne particles such as dust. Negative ions are known to increase naturally when storms are generated, so this feature has the added benefit of frightening insects and rodents that can sense when a storm is coming. This helps repel pests out and away from the device!

3nd Switch = Electromagnetic This switch turns on the electromagnetic feature, which sends pulses into the outlet’s electrical wiring. Because this pulse travels through the wiring, it helps eliminate pests deep within the walls of your home or work place. Once the pests have been driven from the walls, the device’s other features then drive those pests from your home or work environment.

4th Switch = Mosquito Reducer This helps reduce mosquito activity and has the bonus feature of eliminating odors.

Best results occur when all the repelling switches are used in combination.


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